Gde je ruralni omladinski rad u Srbiji?

Urban Stream počinje realizaciju projekta “Rural youth work in Serbia – where is it?”, na kome je partner udruženju CEKOS  iz Sonte, koje je nosilac projekta, kao i udruženjima Pokret gorana Vojvodine, BalkansIDEA i NAPOR-u. Projekat finansira EYF.

Ovih dana smo sa praktičarima i praktičarkama omladinskog rada, predstavnicima institucija i mladima razgovarali o ruralnom omladinskog radu u Srbiji, naročito iz perspektive naših partnera @centarsonta, koji su nosioci projekta.

Ciljevi ovog projekta su bazičnog karakteta na mapiranju realnog stanja u četiri odabrana okruga o ruralnom omladinskom radu.
Na ulaznom sastanku smo razgovarali i sa predstavnicama @napor_savez, kao i organizacijama @balkanideans i Pokretom gorana vojvodine.
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With this project we want to kick off first collaborative initiatives on rural youth work in Serbia and to explore what is the state of it and what can we do to change it.
Through set of different research, mapping and cooperative activities, we want to create first cooperative network of practitioners who will deal strategically on development of rural youth work in Serbia and start initiating better conditions for young people in those areas. In the term of “rural”, we mean villages (up to 5.000 citizens) and small towns (up to 25.000 citizens) but also every area which is geographically isolated or is outside the big urban centres in Serbia.
Our concrete initiatives like signed first cooperation memorandum and action plan on rural youth work in Serbia are founding framework for future steps for development of quality youth work in Serbia and enhancement of rural youth organization and participation in the community. Young people and young youth workers and leaders are especially important participative group of this project, where they will be present and actively involved in most of project phases directly in preparation and implementation of different actions oriented toward first mapping and research on rural youth work in Serbia.
This project is having a clear long term goal like sustainable development of rural youth work in Serbia and consortia of this project are having clear steps in mind when it takes of involvement different stakeholders in Serbia in order to achieve that goal. .
Project is supported by European Youth Foundation Council of Europe
#RuralYouthWork #eyfcoe

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